Window blinds are the most common type of window treatments that one gets to see – there are very few homes across the country where there are no blinds installed in the windows. Blinds are standard window treatments and are available as pre-made or custom made. You have a wide choice in the materials, colors, slat dimensions, controls and the types of blinds themselves.

Blinds for windows are essential in protecting the privacy of your personal spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. They can often be statements of style when used in the parlor or dining room. There are materials and colors available to suit the most conventional or eclectic tastes. Now a days blinds are so popular when it comes to home decor. There is a multitude of materials available for blinds windows – here is a list of the more popular types of blinds:

Pleated & Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are not only stylish and contemporary; they are a great insulator to have on your windows. The honeycomb blinds have a cellular design, allowing stationary air to be trapped, acting as a layer of insulation, this helps keep the warmth in during those colder winter months and the heat out during summer. They have a slim and compact design allowing them to stack neatly when raised. Honeycomb blinds are available in single cell or double cell, light filtering or blackout, and have a choice of operating designs making them perfect for windows through to skylights.

Pleated blinds offer the flexibility to suit any window, infinitely adaptable allowing unique designs to fit any shaped window, including arched, triangular and circular. They are available in a wide range of blackout, light filtering and screen fabrics.