Curtains are probably the single, most important feature of any room. More than beautiful floors, stunning architectural features, or carefully chosen furniture. The window is the place where inside meets outside, where views can be admired and where shade and light are balanced. Every window deservedly becomes the focal point of the room and therefore needs to be dressed with both style and functionality in mind.

Ideally, each room you walk into in your house should harmonize. Your home should have a fluent style, and the mood and theme some kind of continuation throughout. Carefully planned window treatments can help achieve a harmony throughout your house, whilst each room can still retain it’s own individuality.

Each style of curtain impacts a room’s decor in a different manner. Curtains can soften and warm a room’s appearance. They can also create a cooler atmosphere and define the style. A plain panel curtain, for example, would be used for a contemporary or modern room. Add a ruffle to the curtain bottom, and it will match up better with a Victorian or traditional decor.

Single Rod Curtain

Single rod curtains has only one sturdy, brass arm. Which has a option to hang up a single curtain in perforated fabric suited to the room texture.