Window blinds are the most common type of window treatments that one gets to see – there are very few homes across the country where there are no blinds installed in the windows. Blinds are standard window treatments and are available as pre-made or custom made. You have a wide choice in the materials, colors, slat dimensions, controls and the types of blinds themselves.

Blinds for windows are essential in protecting the privacy of your personal spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. They can often be statements of style when used in the parlor or dining room. There are materials and colors available to suit the most conventional or eclectic tastes. Now a days blinds are so popular when it comes to home decor. There is a multitude of materials available for blinds windows – here is a list of the more popular types of blinds:

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a great way to modernize the windows while accenting the interior style of the home and office. Roller Blinds are with perforations that are skillfully balanced to block the maximum amount of light flow without obstructing the outside view. These roller blinds can be mounted inside the window recess. Roller blinds can be teamed up with curtains, valances, pelmets and swags and tails to give a coordinating look.

There are different styles of roller blinds, and they all produce various types of light and privacy control. If you are looking for ultimate privacy and want to block out all light, then black out roller blinds are best. These thicker fabric blinds are made with 100% light blocking material that don’t allow any light in when drawn down, they also do not allow anyone to see into your home.

ROLLER BLACKOUT BLINDS are a better option as there are no lower gaps and they block out virtually all the light coming in through the window.